With the rapid progress in development of our food-related Internet business, we have prepared for the prospect employees with a high standard, a fully comprehensive welfare system and incentives. We also provide a variety of opportunities for self-improvement of employees, to provide employees while working in teams, with continuous development opportunities for them to strengthen their own expertise, while achieving more knowledge and skills. Being ambitious, we need more like-minded partners to join!



The following positions are wanted


Delivery Expert with Driving Force! (Full-time / Part-time)


Will be responsible for the daily delivery of orders from restaurants to customers. Every delivery expert is an extremely valuable soldier to our company. While we offer the best treatment and welfare for the staff in this industry, we are also committed to creating a warm and friendly working environment for them.



Passionate Marketers! (Full-time)


Conduct marketing planning and implement online and offline marketing strategies; We have a growing need for passionate and experienced marketing staff, with constant innovation, bringing about a rise in sales ultimately.



Insightful Business Development Staff! (Full-time)


As an important bridge between Startaster.com and our partner restaurants, you will be responsible for maintaining the relationships as well as following up on prospective and established business co-operations.



Operation and Maintenance Personnel (Full-time / Part-time)


Assisting logistics operations and management of daily operations is an important stepping stone for our growth.



Patient Customer Service Executive! (Full-time / Part-time)


The most crucial link between Startaster.com and our customers. Capable in handling customer inquiries matters. At the same time enhancing customer satisfaction is one of the key factor.


If you are interested, please contact us immediately to secure a position!


You can send your resume to hr@startaster.com, or call 6303 0566 for enquiry.


Welcome to the Startaster.com and witness our every step of progress !